Building partnerships to empower peoples’ lives

We believe everyone has the capacity to achieve personal empowerment. And there are many organisations and small businesses with personal growth and self-development programs, mentoring/coaching, initiatives and projects making a positive difference in the world of others.

This is where we come in. We’re here to offer financial support, build collaborative relationships and networks with like-minded organisations committed to supporting and teaching those in need the tools and skills to rebuild their lives and achieve personal fulfilment.


Grant rounds

Our two grant rounds in 2023 were a wonderful success!

The ETREA Foundation moved across to the Good Grants platform in 2023 to help manage grant applications. This platform allows applicants to register and create a log in, allowing you to save your progress. Each application is saved and can be referred to in the future. Successful applicants will complete progress and conclusion reports linked to their successful application.

The ability to save your application means you can edit and improve your application all the way up to the minute submissions close. Closing dates and times are outlined below.

How it works

Simply click on the link to apply for a grant.

First time users will be asked to “Register”. Include your first and last name, email address, create a password and agree to the terms. Confirm your account via the email sent to your inbox, log in and away you go.

Be sure to read the important grant information at the top of the page and when you’re ready click the “Start application” button.

On the first tab “Start here” you can download a blank application .pdf for reference. Please note email submissions using the blank form will not be accepted.

You will be asked to provided information about:

  • your organisation
  • yourself and/or the person responsible for the running of the project (mentoring, course, etc)
  • the goals, outline of the project and ongoing support you will provide participants
  • why you believe your project enables individuals to heal their poverty of spirit
  • financial background (e.g. why you need the financial support from us)
  • budget, including information about other sources of revenue

Once you have submitted your application it will go through mediation and then into the grant assessment/review by the Board of Directors.

We have two grant rounds per year:

  • Grant Round One – closes on 31st March (opens on 10 January)
  • Grant Round Two – closes on 30th September (opens on 1 July)

The Board of Directors will review applications in the weeks after grant rounds close. If we require further information and clarity in regards to your application we may organise to meet with applicants (either in person or via video chat) as we prefer to work face-to-face. This enables us to get a real feel for who you are and what you’re about in order to make final decisions. Although this has been a rare occurrence. 

Following the grant round review all applicants will receive an email with our decision.

If you are successful and receive a grant, you will be asked to complete a report at the conclusion of your project. This provides us with valuable feedback about the outcome, success, challenges, etc of your project. Also, we are dedicated to improving our processes and we may ask for your feedback on the entire grant process.

Questions? If you have questions along the way please feel free to visit our terminology page and/or contact us.

Selection criteria and funding information

1. Organisation purpose and aims

Organisations must operate personal growth training opportunities in line with our purpose, values and Guiding Principles of the ETREA Foundation.

2. Operational ethos

Operational ethos and standards must meet all legal requirements, including but not exclusive to public liability insurances and OHS requirements.

3. Ineligibility

Organisations whose industry or company’s activities are associated with gambling, unethical behaviours, are harmful to people including Indigenous people, or are harmful to the environment are ineligible to receive grants. Funding will not be granted to religiously affiliated courses, projects, mentoring, seminars or training.

4. Geographic coverage

Grants will be made primarily within Australia.

5. Funding size

Organisations may apply for grants between $2,000 – $10,000.