Our Purpose

The ETREA Foundation is a not-for-profit entity which exists to provide benevolent relief to alleviate suffering of individuals with a poverty of spirit, with access to tools and skills to rebuild their lives damaged by trauma.

To achieve this we provide the opportunity for funding and partnership with those who are working on the frontline with individuals whose lives are affected as a result of personal trauma or misfortune. These frontline organisations are improving the quality of life and future choices of individuals by rebuilding their self-value and self-worth.


Empowering humanity to make a better world.


The ETREA Foundation aims to empower humanity, providing individuals with opportunities of personal growth through Empowerment, Trust, Respect, Enlightenment and Awareness. This is achieved through provision of education, mentoring, seminars and leadership training, funding and/or building of strategic partners.

Our Values

Our name, ETREA, holds the key to our values and keeps our values front and centre of all we do.



Supporting oneself to live an inspired life, to be more confident especially in making choices that sustain self-responsibility and personal power.



Trust is that inner knowing; a confidence, a belief to make decisions and take actions that supports oneself to achieve their highest potential.



Respect is honouring oneself and others and facilitates openness, integrity and responsibility of one’s own and others spiritual path.



To enlighten is to allow greater awareness of oneself. To let go negativity, struggle and limitations, bringing lightness and love to our soul, embracing who we truly are.



Awareness is being conscious of ones own perceptions, feelings and thoughts. By being aware we have the opportunity to make life choices creating pathways of empowerment.

Need to understand our terminology? Visit the Terminology page.

Guiding Principles

Our aim is to assist others to discover meaning and purpose in their lives by overcoming trauma, suffering, fears and judgements, and by seeking support to achieve goals and purpose in their life.

Guiding Principle 1

We believe in the power of working with individuals over time through the right program, creates deep positive life-lasting substantial change.

Guiding Principle 2

We believe that by rebuilding the spirit, core internal beliefs and thoughts are addressed, creating healing within the individual.

Guiding Principle 3

We believe the most effective way is working with front-line organisations who support and guide people directly, through creative collaborative plans, programs and safe environments that address deep needs and gaps within our community.

Guiding Principle 4

We believe many people who have a poverty of spirit fall between the cracks because they either don’t have access to resources, or find it difficult to ask for help. We collaborate with organisations who seek out these people currently unsupported by mainstream organisations.

Guiding Principle 5

We fund organisations with proven strategies that support and provide practical skills to those suffering emotional distress and destructive behaviours, so they can experience positive lasting change through ongoing programs.

Guiding Principle 6

The ETREA Foundation believes breaking negative cycles of suffering and creating positive change within the individual, has a positive ripple effect in the community.