Meet the Board

We are a hands-on Board made up of a diverse group of successful, multi-talented women that rolemodel the ETREA Foundation’s ethos of personal empowerment.

Our Board of Directors consists of four individuals who volunteer their time and skills to realise our shared vision – to empower those who have a poverty of spirit. From our own experiences and observations we know that personal growth is infectious – in a positive way. Personal and spiritual growth has a powerful effect on individuals which inspires others to create positive change in their own lives resulting in a powerful ripple effect.

Suzy Wood

Director & Chair

Chair is a fitting role for a big picture person like Suzy. Her Board role oversees the Foundation’s blueprint and elevations – the governance and strategic direction of the ETREA Foundation.

Suzy brings over four decades of corporate experience where she honed her strengths in area management and sales and marketing. Key to her success is a genuine empathy and belief in the potential of people. Personal growth, both her own and for those around her, has been a passion for more than 30 years. Her motivation? Making a positive difference to other people’s lives for a better future for the world.

A keen traveller with an appetite for learning from cultural experiences, Suzy balances her life by soaking up the arts – theatre, music, dance; transformational life experiences and opportunities; living in her dream home on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula – enjoying the fabulous beaches, food, wine and fresh air.

The personal growth and enjoyment she has experienced in bringing Etrea’s concepts to life through dedication and love, has been phenomenal.

Christine Dinas

Director, Chair & Treasurer

“We create our life through our attitude and thoughts. When we become aware of the power we have, we change our life”, shares Christine. In her Board role, she is part of the creative team, a visionary, and she also keeps financials in check.

Leveraging her natural charm, wit and extensive network she is always bringing along other like-minded people to support our vision.

Christine is a people person. Her warm nature, sense of humour and infectious smile draw people to her as she effortlessly builds relationships. She also brings 25 years of business prowess. Motivated by helping people reach personal goals, naturopathy and counselling were Christine’s foundational professions. A successful business woman, she is Founder and Director of her own company, WealthStream Property. Driven by her love of people and passion for our vision, she brings a vibrant, enthusiastic energy.

Outside of work, you may find Christine enjoying beautiful water views around her Mornington Peninsula locale. She enjoys spending cherished time with her partner, family and friends.

She feels incredibly privileged to be a part of leaving a legacy of a better future for generations to come.

Tamara Taylor

Director & Secretary

A visionary, not for profit board, needs an effective organiser with a meticulous eye for detail – complimented by a welcoming smile! Tamara, our Board Secretary brings that and so much more.

Warmth, generosity of spirit, boundless energy, and a calming influence immediately spring to mind.

In her Board role, she keeps us accountable in keeping on top of everything administrative, policy or procedural related. Possessing the rare duality of being both methodical and creative – she has capably taken on the role of social media extraordinaire, as well.

Leveraging her education background in primary school teaching, along with a strong belief in human potential, she is a well respected Life Coach. This demonstrated passion for supporting and guiding others to expand and harness their own wisdom, drives her excitement for supporting our vision.

Continuing with the theme of keeping everything in balance, in her spare time Tamara volunteers with the Riding for the Disabled Association, and is also a committee member for the Moorabbin branch. And there’s more! Her family and friends indulge in enjoying the products of her enthusiasm for creating decadent patisserie and cake decorating treats.

Rhonda Cheesman

Director & Public Officer

Honouring her commitment to make Etrea’s legacy a reality, Rhonda sits proudly on our Board. A corporate background in Administration and Quality Assurance, she keeps statutory bodies informed about our registered details and annual return.

Evident in her lifetime commitment to team sports, Rhonda a loyal devotee – bringing stability and structure to our Board.

A widely accomplished, qualified practitioner across numerous personal growth disciplines, Rhonda brings decades of professional expertise. She loves an opportunity to share real life stories of personal empowerment driving positive change.

Her belief that self-responsibility leads to self-empowerment, motivates Rhonda to support others to transition to more fulfilling life experiences.

She loves people, loves a chat, and loves to travel – all the while role modelling personal empowerment. In 2009, Rhonda had to undergo dual-bypass cardio surgery. True to her belief in making changes for a better life, she reversed her health prognosis. She now passionately embraces a non-toxic lifestyle, supporting a clean and healthy earth, and lives Hippocrates’ mantra ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.